• Traditional Karate
  • Self-defense and Assertiveness Training
  • Bo/Long Staff Training
  • Stories
  • Five Animal Play Qigong: daily theme based on ancient energy practice.
JUNIORS (ages 6 – 12 years):  WEEK-LONG MORNING CAMPS 

9:00am – Noon  (Child must have turned six by January of this year.)

  • All Levels:  July 23 – 27, 2018
  • Intermediate & Advanced:  August 20 – 24, 2018 at Upper Buttermilk State Park  
  Instructors Kathleen Garrity and Robbie Sanders bring their teamwork of teaching self-defense and empowerment to this Karate Camp program since 1993.

Kathleen Garrity is director/teacher of the Ithaca Karate Harmony with Nature School. She has been studying martial arts since 1972, and has been teaching juniors and adults at her own dojo and area schools since 1976.

Co-founder of this karate camp, Ms. Robbie Sanders is a third degree black belt and a self-defense instructor. She has been studying martial arts since 1989.  Robbie has over 40 years experience as a Special Ed/Primary and High School teacher.

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